Friday, May 9, 2008


Does your space inspire sighs of ennui and bouts of embarrassment ? Do glossy expanses of freshly painted walls lack the impact and personal touch you desire ? Then give Wall Print a try.Wall Print is a compagny that provides anywone from weekend warrior to style maven an affordable and highquality product that will instantly give your style quotient a jolt. Easily applied adhesive murals can grace your space with a zenlike forest of Bamboo, a mod inspired explosion of spots, the tousled locks and face of the fiercest rocker chick, or hte graphic punch of a single flower just to name a few of the 80 or so graphics and prints offered by Wall Print's creator, Julien Salut. Wall Print's web site provides you with a gallery of patterns  and prints that are tailor made to kit out any space from the nursery to the powder room with ease. The adhesive murals glide on as simply as a sticker and peel off with urge of a fingermail or spatula when you are ready for a change. Wall Print is truly method for instant reinvention and selfexpression.

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